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We offer classes for everyone in the family.

Class Descriptions

  • Warrior Arts Training - This class is the core of our curriculum and combines elements from several martial arts into a unifed system of training focused on developing a well rounded approach to self defense and personal achievment. The class is divided into segments so that we can touch on the various elements of Warrior Training. We train Striking techniques from Kickboxing, Kung-fu, Karate and Western Boxing, Weapons Training from the Filipino Martial Art of Kali (also called Escrima or Arnis), Joint Locks and Grappling Techniques from Small Circle Jujitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Trapping Techniques from Wing Chun and Sensitivity and Relaxation Training from Tai Chi Chuan.

  • Kali in the Park - We are one of the only schools in the area that offers training in the Filipino martial art of Kali. This is a weapon based combat art where we learn to use sticks, knives, swords and other weapons. Most of weapons training that we do also translates easily to empty hand tactics. Come experience the beauty and flow of this effective and deadly martial art.




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